4 Pack 32mm Dia. Neodymium Magnetic Hanging Hooks

  • $34.80
  • Save $50.00

Are you tired of clutter? Are you tired of having a disorganized garage? Use these no tools required hooks to maximize any space!

Put them up anywhere for permanent or temporary application. Or take them with you when you travel for easy storage and hanging solutions. Neodymium magnets work great on a tool box, steel shelf, metal filing cabinet, metal workbench, etc. Use them for organizing cables, wiring, lights, tools, utensils, keys, lockers and many more! And when the holidays come around, use them to easily hang decorations!

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: WINOMO
  • Dimensions: 32mm x 8mm base
  • Shape: Round Magnet with Hook
  • Quantity: 4 hooks
  • Composite / Coating: NdFeB / Nickel
  • Max Temp.: Do not heat above 80°C

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