2 Pack 6300/ 6301/ 6302/ 6303/ 6304/ 6305 High Temp Steel Ball Bearings

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These steel ball bearings have a phosphate coating and are capable of operating at high temperature of 500 degrees Celsius such as furnaces or kilns.

  • Functionally similar to the 6200 series, the6300 Seriesis produced with a larger ball complement and heavier races allowing greater radial, thrust and combined load capacity for a given bore size.
  • Capable of withstanding heavy shock loads.

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    • Surface Roughness: Ra 0.05
    • Brand Name: FUSHI
    • Structure: Full Ball
    • No. of Balls:
    • Coatings: Phosphating
    • Material: High Temperature Bearing Steels
    • Max Operating Temp.: 500 C

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