10 Pack Rare Earth Disc Neodymium Round Magnets 18mm X 3mm

120 Pack Round 18mm x 3mm Neodymium Disc Magnets N42

  • $221.80

  • Disc Magnet dimensions: 18mm Diameter x 3mm
  • 120 Pack of Super Strong N42 NdFeB Magnets
  • Permanent Rare Earth Magnets

Here's 120 pieces of some of the most powerful magnets in existence, with full N42 NdFeB constructed magnets.

These rare earth magnets come in disk-shaped form, perfect for attaching to flat objects and sticking objects together - while still being possible to remove when needed.

Industrial applications, your own DIY projects, or any number of uses - there€™s plenty to do with these magnets. 

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